Product Offering

Voice Product

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of preferred retail and wholesale products for retailers, overseas carriers and Aggregators!!

Data Services

SMS Hubbing:

SMS Hubbing model reduces complexity for operators, as well the cost for SMS inter-working agreements. SMS Hubbing allows operators to inter-work SMS with other operators connected to the same or inter-connected hubs via a single, multilateral agreement. This is far simpler than having to manage one bilateral agreement form SMS with every SMS inter-working partner. With this new approach, operators can easily expand the reach of their SMS services, whilst benefiting from operational efficiency and financial savings.

Wholesale Product

Wholesale VoIP:

Designed for Re sellers, Carriers, Calling Card Companies and other Wholesale businesses, Progressive Telecom LLC has an extensive portfolio of Voice, Data, VoIP and Collocation services. We support both SIP and H.323 protocols. We offer minimal levels of Trans coding ensuring highest quality on the calls.

We provide the following services to Wholesale Carriers:

  • VoIP Termination
  • Premium Termination
  • Wholesale exchange
  • Services that enable Enterprises and Medium Business
  • Premium routing for superior retail operations.
  • High bandwidth on demand- Handles unpredictable traffic demand